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Marine Collagen Caplets

"These collagen tablets actually work, I've seen my hair and skin improve after 3 weeks of use! Buying for the 4th time already!"

- Rabia Raees

Ashwagandha & Ginseng

“My anxiety levels have dropped and I feel more focused at work by taking these ashwagandha and ginseng capsules religiously!”

- Muqaddas Jilani

Marine Collagen Powder

"Been using nothing else except your marine collagen Supplement, and it works amazing for my skin!"

- Asma Rafiq

Super Iron

"Bought this iron supplements when i found that my hemoglobin level is low. After 3 weeks, it's almost back to normal."

- Sadia Nawaz

Super Biotin

"Been using these biotin tablets for two weeks now, and I've already seen my hair quality improve!"

- Ammarah Hashmi

Super Calcium

"It's a big relief!
Just three weeks in and I can already feel less pain in my joints, thanks to these calcium tablets!"

- Shafaq Afzal

Green & Blue Spirulina

“I can literally feel these green and blue spirulina powder capsules detoxing my body! My skin is glowing, and I hardly ever get sick anymore!”

- Saima Malick

D-Mannose & Cranberry

“I was skeptical about cranberry supplement at first, but this relieved my urinary discomfort within weeks!”

- Zehra Omair

Oh My Gut!

Had difficulty with food digestion, so I turned to this. Used it for approximately six months, and it appeared to be highly effective.

- Sara Naeem

Turmeric & Black Pepper

Helps make my joints feel better when it's sore. You might want to give it a try!

- Gul-e-Fatima


versus marine collagen caplets product benefits


Boost your collagen levels with Marine Collagen tablets, formulated with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

versus oh my gut product benefits


Support your digestive tract with essential digestive enzymes to promote balanced, healthy digestion.

versus garcinia green coffee product benefits


Counter cravings with the blend of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee extract to manage weight.

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The Daily 360

The Daily 360

Experience the ultimate balance with our wellness pack, effortlessly manage work, family, and self-care.

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The Gut Together

Gut-boosting bundle, brimming with potent natural ingredients to deliver the ultimate digestive comfort.

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The Lean Machine

Ignite your drive for fitness with this power pack that'll leave you feeling strong, and unstoppable.

the power house

The Power House

Feel unstoppable with this 3-set bundle pack, offering a newfound sense of confidence, beauty, and vitality.

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The Superstar

Transform your vitality with this thrilling wellness bundle, embark on an epic wellness rejuvenation.

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The Ultimate Detox

Cleanse away impurities and rid your body of toxins with this powerful detoxifying bundle.