Top 3 Nail Care Tips: Say Goodbye to Brittle Nails for Good!

Top 3 Nail Care Tips

Achieving stronger, longer, and healthier nails doesn't require a collection of expensive products. Much like lustrous locks and clear complexion, the journey to healthy nails starts internally, with our diet playing a significant role.

Let's begin by defining what brittle nails are exactly. Keratin, the same protein found in your hair and skin cells, acts as a protective barrier for your nails. Yet, it's not uncommon for nails to weaken, leading to splitting, peeling, or breakage.

Brittle nails typically fall into one of two categories: soft and brittle, or dry and brittle. Soft and brittle nails often result from excessive moisture, stemming from frequent nail treatments like manicures, nail polish remover, or exposure to harsh chemicals in detergents and household cleaners. On the other hand, dry and brittle nails are typically due to a lack of moisture, often caused by excessive washing and drying of the hands.

If you're looking for a solution to fix your nails, here's the complete roadmap to transitioning from weak and prone-to-split nails to strong and break-free ones!

Adjusting Your Lifestyle

The great news is that achieving stronger, longer, and healthier nails doesn't require  a collection of pricey products. Making a few changes to your lifestyle can be pivotal in preventing and treating brittle nails. Simple practices like minimizing exposure to water and harsh chemicals, adopting proper nail care routines, and wearing gloves for household tasks can greatly reduce nail damage.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack of essential nutrients like biotin, iron, and zinc can hinder nail growth and weaken their structure. A balanced diet is essential to sustain healthy nails. An easy way to include these is by taking nutrient rich supplements promising improvements in nail strength and preventing brittleness.

Nail Hygiene & Moisturizing

Practicing gentle nail care techniques, such as opting for non-abrasive emery boards and avoiding over-buffing, is vital to prevent nail damage. It's also important to steer clear of using metal instruments for cleaning nails. Furthermore, consistent use of nail and cuticle moisturizers is key to preserving adequate nail hydration, particularly after exposure to water or when using drying products.

Understanding why nails become brittle, exploring ways to treat them, and taking steps to prevent further damage are important for maintaining healthy nails. By addressing these issues and following proper care routines, you can enjoy having strong and long-lasting nails.