Mindful Breathwork For Anxiety & Self Doubt

Mindful Breathwork For Anxiety & Self Doubt

Ever been in a headspace where you’re stuck for hours overthinking? This means it's time to let go, and surrender your thoughts. Because all you’re doing is embracing worry, and  unease. This probably leads to major cases of unbalanced mental state influencing decisions that are deeply personal to you.   

As your wellness supporter, your mental well-being is our top priority. So, here’s the solution to your choked thoughts, it’s breathwork! Simple right! By transforming your mundane breathing from unconscious to conscious levels you can achieve a sense of safety and serenity within self. 

Wondering where to get started? We’ve got a step by step easy guide to help you unlock your manifestations, ridding negative thought patterns, and welcoming a new wave of positive ones. 


Find yourself a comfortable, isolated space where you know you won’t be disturbed, if you know what we mean.  


Sit upright in a chair, or feel free to choose the floor and adopt a crossed-leg Buddha posture.


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths as you normally would, then begin to focus your attention on each inhale and exhale.


Slow down your breath as you deepen each inhale and exhale through the nose, consciously intending to relax the nervous system.


While we typically recommend 20 to 40 inhalations and exhalations, the duration of your practice is entirely up to you.


When done, gently open your eyes, slow your movement as you stand back up again and feel the difference. 

Breathwork serves as a powerful tool for relaxation, as well as for harnessing self-reflection and the transformation that follows it. It’s the best way to resolve your unhealed mental state which was fostering anxiety and self doubt. 

We hope breathwork gives you the confidence to break free your limiting thoughts. With everyday practice, you'll begin to shift out of patterns or challenges that you used to repeat, allowing yourself to easily live life on your own terms.

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