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What is Marine Collagen Powder?

Collagen is simply a structural protein – an important component of the connective tissue, which holds your skin, bones, muscles, ligaments together. The structure of Collagen helps provide these important components of the body with not just strength but the ability to withstand stretching as well.

Why Do You Need Collagen?

Like all proteins, the body naturally makes Collagen by stringing together amino acids. Some of these amino acids are produced by the body itself whereas some come from the protein rich foods in your diet.
Unfortunately, Collagen production in the body naturally decreases with age which then contributes to the signs of aging – something that all of us are basically trying to avoid, like wrinkles, brittle nails, you get it.

So how do you overcome this? The answer is Collagen supplementation.

Benefits Of Marine Collagen

Helps Slow Aging

The Collagen in our skin begins to breakdown in the early 20’s leading to saggy, wrinkly skin. Majority of the skin is made up of Collagen Type 1, therefore Collagen supplementation can help you replenish your skin, and help reverse aging.

Promotes Stronger, Healthier Hair

Did you know that your hair are mostly composed with protein keratin?
Collagen is a source of amino acids including proline. Proline is also the main component of Keratin – this means consuming collagen supplements can help provide your body with the essentials required to promote stronger, healthier hair.

Supports Bone and Joint Health

Collagen is essential for maintaining the integrity of the cartilage and bone strength. The loss of bone mass is one of the most common signs of aging and can lead to osteoporosis – which is very common in women. Studies from National Center for Biotechnology Information have shown that Marine Collagen peptides can stimulate Collagen synthesis that can help support bone and joint health.

Supports Gut Health

Marine Collagen contains essential amino acids that play an important role in rebuilding the tissue of the digestive system. Glycine, one of the amino acids in Marine Collagen peptides, has anti-inflammatory properties that benefit with intestinal inflammation such leaky gut.

How to Choose the Best Collagen Powder for You?

Not all Collagen powders work the same. Ensure that you look for hydrolyzed collagen powder, from natural sources.
And which type of Collagen you should take? There is no better Collagen than Marine Collagen. Marine Collagen is better than other types of Collagen due to the fact that it has better bioavailability, which means that your body will absorb it better compared to other types of Collagen.

Best Marine Collagen Powder Supplement in Pakistan

VERSUS Marine Collagen Powder is a high-quality supplement that can help you live each day to the fullest. The Marine Collagen peptides are sourced from the finest resource in the world and contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs for your daily well-being.

How to Use VERSUS Marine Collagen Powder?

Using it is very easy. Just pour the collagen sachet in a glass of chilled water or in any of your favorite beverages, preferably cold, stir well until it dissolves completely and enjoy!

What’s Next?

Get your Marine Collagen Powder today and experience beauty from the inside out.

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