Top 5 Simple Ways To Keep You Bloat Free!

Top 5 Simple Ways To Keep You Bloat Free!

Here’s an expert advice on how you can get rid of bloating.


Let’s accept the fact that we all get bloated now and then. It’s one of those feelings we recognize best once we’ve had it. Bloating is related to the problems of the GI tract, and it happens when gas or air is filled up in the digestive tract leading to the discomfort of feeling too swollen or full.

Here are a few common signs that may help you identify that you are bloated:

  • Your clothes feeling tighter than usual from the belly, as it gets inflated like a balloon.
  • Experience stomach discomfort and pain.
  • Frequent burps or blenches.
  • Abdominal rumbling and gurgling.



  1. Overeating
    Overeating is intricately linked to eating quickly and can lead to that bloated feeling.
  2. Aging Body
    As we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to to mineral deficiencies that can contribute to digestive troubles.
  3. Premenstrual Bloating
    A hormonal imbalance can slow down the digestive process and can lead to more issues of gas and constipation.
  4. Bloat inducing foods
    High fiber foods such as whole grains contain indigestible carbs that may cause bloating. Some people feel bloated due to food sensitivity which for instance might make consuming dairy products a problem. In addition, many processed foods contain the natural sugar, fructose, which is difficult for some to digest.


  • Practice chewing slowly and eating in small portions to avoid swallowing of excess air.
  • Including herbal tea in your diet can help reduce gut inflammation and improve digestion.
  • Water is necessary to keep your digestion running smoothly, avoid ice water while eating and skip the soda!
  • Exercise is important! It can help improve your mood and also give your digestive flow an extra support as it passes through the colon.
  • Full spectrum natural digestive enzymes such as VERSUS OH MY GUT! can give your gut health the support it needs.

Taking digestive enzymes before you eat will help your body digest and absorb nutrients. It will help breakdown the food we eat into smaller components which are easier to be absorbed in the digestive tract.

As we age our bodies natural capacity to produce digestive enzymes reduces which is why it becomes important to look for a digestive enzyme supplement that provides a broad spectrum and can help improve your overall gut health.