10 Folic Acid Benefits For Women - Usefulness Of Folic Acid in Pregnancy

10 Folic Acid Benefits For Women - Usefulness Of Folic Acid in Pregnancy

The body is followed by a rapidly changing maternal metabolism during pregnancy. Hence, certain essential vitamins and minerals are required by the body to meet this maternal need. These essential requirements include folic acid tablet, iron, calcium, and other pregnancy hormone helpers!

What Is Folic Acid?

Our focus and the highlight of this blog is folic acid tablet uses! 'What is it?' is a question most people wonder. Well, it is a synthetic form of vitamin B9 and is used to treat low blood pressure. It is a popular vitamin among pregnant women and people looking to boost this essential vitamin B in the body!

How Much Folic Acid Is Required in Your Daily Routine?

An amount of 400 mcg is suggested to be consumed to reap folic acid benefits for women and men. The consumption of folic acid changes in the case of pregnant and lactating women where the requirement is 600 mcg in order to prevent birth defects and promote a healthy pregnancy.

10 Folic Acid Benefits for Men and Women!

This powerhouse nutrient isn't just for expectant mothers, it offers a multitude of folic acid benefits for both men and women! Brace yourselves for the fantastic eight advantages of folic acid listed below: 

Folic Acid for Pregnancy

Folic acid uses also includes daily dosage during pregnancy to build a strong fortress for the baby's health. It prevents birth defects in the brain and spinal cord. It can be paired with nourishing meals for an extra boost.

Folic Acid for Depression

Some studies suggest that not having enough folic acid in the diet can contribute to feelings of depression. When someone is feeling depressed, it can be a result of low blood pressure, which can be improved by consuming folic acid to aid in their recovery from depression.

Folic Acid for Heart Disease and Stroke

Folic acid uses also reap benefits like preventing heart problems. It does this by stopping a harmful substance called homocysteine from hurting the walls inside our arteries. If these walls get damaged, it can increase the chance of having a stroke or heart attack.

Folic Acid for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

A study suggests that when mothers took folic acid while pregnant, it lowered the chance of their kids having ASD by 39%. Hence, if pregnant women take more than 600 mcg/day, it can lower the risk of their kids having ASD.

Folic Acid for Inflammation

Folic acid and supplements are helpful in fighting inflammation. They work like magic to reduce signs of inflammation, which can cause illness. By taking them, you're giving your body a better chance to stay healthy.

Folic Acid for Fertility Issues

Folic acid helps the female body work well, especially the ovaries. For women who are trying to conceive but find it hard, taking folic acid can prevent problems in early pregnancy that might cause a miscarriage.

Folic Acid for Preterm Birth

Preterm babies need folic acid more than normal-born babies. Babies born early need special vitamins, and folic acid is crucial for growing cells in their bodies, helping them mature healthily!

Folic Acid for Anti-Epilepsy Medicine

Folic acid is not a common medicine for seizures. Folic acid is important for the brain, so having enough might help manage seizures better. However, it is always better to talk to a doctor before changing any medicines.

Folic Acid for Avoiding Miscarriage

Taking vitamins like folic acid alone before or during early pregnancy can't prevent miscarriages. It is suggested that if women take multivitamins including iron and folic acid, it can lower the risk of stillbirth. 

Folic Acid for Lowering the Risk of Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic poisoning can occur through contaminated drinking water, food, or air. Studies show that taking folic acid and creatine, which is related to amino acids, might lower the harm caused by arsenic in our bodies. This could reduce the risk of getting sick. 

Which are Considered to be the Best Folic Acid Tablet for Pregnancy in Pakistan?

The folic tablet uses can be derived from multiple folic acid supplements available in the market. We personally recommend a supplement that combines iron and folic acid. Therefore, the best folic acid tablets for pregnancy in Pakistan, which also contain iron, are VERSUS Super Iron. It is safe to consume and is highly favored by pregnant women throughout Pakistan. 


Folic acid for pregnancy is not only safe but also very important. Pregnant women need special nutrients to stay healthy and help their babies grow. Most pregnant women find it helpful to take a special vitamin pill made for them, which includes essential nutrients like folic acid, in their daily routine.